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We Do

We approach the solution to making Albuquerque a better city to ride in from many different angles.


State + Local 

Much of our ability to move safely around our city is determined by our government. Its policies dictate how much funding goes toward safety and active transportation projects, the design standards of our roadways, and the enforcement mechanisms that keep dangerous road users in check when proper design fails (or more likely, does not exist in the first place).

BikeABQ attends meetings and design reviews, writes advisory letters to decision makers, and helps inform our community on projects and policy that will impact them in the short and long term.

The best way to stay informed on policy issues regarding active transportation is by subscribing to our newsletter and checking our blog.

It's easy to look around and wonder where all the other people on bicycles are. After decades and decades of building for automobiles, we've effectively removed many other road users from our public realm. BikeABQ hosts events to bring people together who celebrate the joy and practicality of active transportation.

There are many other wonderful organizations here in town that are working toward the shared vision of safer and more convenient active transportation. We do our best to spread the word about their events too.

See our events page for all safe streets and active transportation related happenings.


Host + Connect


Business + Government + Non-profit

BikeABQ is just one of many organizations in Albuquerque working toward making our city better through safer streets and improved access to active transportation. We develop partnerships with businesses, government, and other like-minded non-profits to help support groups in various ways that are working toward our common goal. 

Do you work with an organization that wants to improve our city through safer streets and active transportation? Reach out to us at and let's see if we can work together.

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