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Bike ABQ Board Members
Roles & Responsibilities

Board Officers:

  • President - Susan Gautsch (Letter from the President)

  • Vice President - Cameron Frigon

  • Secretary - Theresa Dunn

  • Treasurer - Steve Pilon


Board Directors at Large:

  • Patrick Martin

  • Eric Beidermann 

  • Arnold Howard

  • Rich Borncamp 

  • Leila Murrieta 

  • Scott Nowiki 



BikeABQ will publish notifications from time to time seeking new applications in advance of new positions opening.

The whole board meets monthly (currently the 4th Thursday of every month at 5.30pm via Google Meet.)  All board members are expected to join these meetings and at least one other sub-committee and/or hold a specific role (event planner, volunteer coordinator, social media manager, grant writer, coalition builder, web admin/developer, etc.) 


The BikeABQ Board consists of 11 members including the 4 members of the Executive Committee (Board President, Vice President, Secretary  and Treasurer.)


Other "at large" board members serve as Committee Chairs for the following BikeABQ Committees:

  1. Advocacy

  2. Operations

  3. Development

  4. Marketing/Communications

  5. Events 

Each board member also serves on at least one of the other 5 committees. Other BikeABQ members often join those committees as well. We also have occasional Working Groups that form as needed -- new projects, grant opportunities, etc. 

BikeABQ is a nonprofit organization. All board members serve voluntarily.

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