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BikeABQ is made up of members who love our city, love to ride, and who are dedicated to rider safety.



Bike valet is a great way to encourage bicycling by providing free secure bike parking. You have probably seen bike valet at events like Balloon Fiesta, Summerfest, Globalquerque, State Fair, and many more. In partnership with local organizations and businesses like Esperanza Community Bike Shop, Sport Systems, and NM Touring Society, BikeABQ has been supporting bike valet in our community for years.
Did you know that anyone can provide bike valet for any event? BikeABQ can help you organize a successful bike valet by providing guidance and resources, helping you get racks, and promoting your event. This document will help you understand what bike valet is, how it works, and how to bring it to your next event. If you are interested and have other questions or want to get started, please contact board@bikeabq.org.

What is Bike Valet?

Bike valet is temporary secure bike parking that can be set up for any event. Bike valet should be operated by volunteers or paid staff who check in bikes, store them safely, return bikes to people when they are ready to leave, and ensure that all of the bikes are safe and make it back to their owners!


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“Look For ME! We’re All Going Somewhere” Help us share this safety message with EVERYONE going ANYWHERE by WHATEVER MEANS. Every traveler looking out for others could result in SAFER travels for Everyone! The NMDOT Traffic Safety Bureau & UNM Center for Injury Prevention “Look For Me” safety campaign is about all of us – bicyclists, motorists, pedestrians, motorcyclists, long-boarders, equestrians, truckers.

Getting Around

Bicycle Maps for Albuquerque & New Mexico

The City of Albuquerque has more than 400 miles of bike paths and trails with more in the works.

Interactive Bike Trail Map


How the New HAWK Pedestrian / Bicyclist Crossing Signal Works

Help spread the word about how the new HAWK signal works. It’s unfamiliar, so the more people that know about how it’s supposed to be used, the safer it can be for everyone!

HAWK information

Click here  for a printable version of the HAWK signal information: HAWK information

Upcoming Events

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Albuquerque’s 24th Annual Bike Swap


BikeABQ’s yearly fund raiser will be held:

Sale: Saturday, April 28, 2018    10 am – 3 pm


Check-in items to Sell: Thursday & Friday, April 26 & 27   10 am – 6:30 pm

Drop off Donations:     Thursday & Friday, April 26 & 27   10 am – 6:30 pm


Location: Sport Systems, 6915 Montgomery NE, Albuquerque


Seller Check pick up / Claim unsold items: Saturday, April 28 4pm – 6pm


Cost to attend the Sale on Saturday:  Free admission to the Sale

Cost to sell items:  This fundraiser relies on the sales of items.  

There is a $1 fee / tagged item to enter the sale plus an 18% commission on sold items.

The tag fee is collected when items are checked in.  The Seller receives a check for 82% of the sales price on sold items.


Contact:  BikeSwap@BikeABQ.org    Please email if you have questions, donations, or would like to volunteer to help




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