"Supporting, Educating, and Advocating for a Bike-Friendly Albuquerque."

BikeABQ is made up of members who love our city, love to ride, and who are dedicated to rider safety.

Bike Improvements

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue

Bike Facility Enhancements at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue are almost complete! Among the new enhancements are: restriping with bike lanes and buffered bike lanes, bike loop detectors, green paint for increased visibility at intersections, bike boxes, and a two stage bike box at Broadway. What? Why? How? These questions and more are answered in these images.
You can also visit the project webpage for even more details:

Click on the image below for more details:



Silver Avenue Bike Detours

Bike detours are in place for Silver Ave between Hermosa & Buena Vista. Bicycles will be instructed to use Lead and Coal instead. This is due to construction for improvement to the Silver Bike Blvd.  See the image below for detour details.

You can read about the Silver Ave Bicycle Blvd project and see the updated drawings for the section from Yale to Carlisle on the City of Albuquerque project webpage.  There will be a variety of changes to improve the Bicycle Blvd aspects, pedestrian use, and parking.


Getting Around Safely

Bicycle Maps for Albuquerque & New Mexico

The City of Albuquerque has more than 400 miles of bike paths and trails with more in the works.

Interactive Bike Trail Map


How the New HAWK Pedestrian / Bicyclist Crossing Signal Works

Help spread the word about how the new HAWK signal works. It’s unfamiliar, so the more people that know about how it’s supposed to be used, the safer it can be for everyone!

HAWK information

Click here  for a printable version of the HAWK signal information: HAWK information

Upcoming Events

National Park Service Petroglyph National Monument Visitor Use Management Plan

The National Park Service (NPS) is in the early steps in the development of a Visitor Use Management Plan for Petroglyph National Monument.

The NPS is reaching out to the community on this matter.  Some public meetings were held in September and the public comment period is open until December 16, 2016.

After reviewing the reasons why a plan is being considered and the proposed options, BikeABQ and the Albuquerque Mountain Bike Association (AMBA) discussed the possibilities.

We are in agreement and have sent letters commenting on the plan to the National Park Service.  BikeABQ’s letter can be viewed here.

This plan presents opportunities to have established trails with trail heads linked to the community to enjoy the area as well as preserve the Petroglyph National Monument.

An overview of the NPS plan is here, and more details are here.

We encourage you to review our letter and the information from the NPS and to submit your individual comments directly to the NPS  before December 16.  If you agree with BikeABQ’s letter, you can simply state that in your comments.

The more input the NPS receives on this issue, the better.

Your consideration and participation in this matter are appreciated!



“Look For ME! We’re All Going Somewhere” Help us share this safety message with EVERYONE going ANYWHERE by WHATEVER MEANS. Every traveler looking out for others could result in SAFER travels for Everyone! The NMDOT Traffic Safety Bureau & UNM Center for Injury Prevention “Look For Me” safety campaign is about all of us – bicyclists, motorists, pedestrians, motorcyclists, long-boarders, equestrians, truckers.