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A letter from BikeABQ Board President Susan Gautsch

Thank you BikeABQ Members!

Your membership contributions, donations (personal and business), event volunteer hours and advocacy efforts are making Albuquerque and greater NM safer for cyclists, pedestrians and motorists – and way funner for us all!

I’m proud to announce that BikeABQ not only has a new bold website, we also have a new bold vision!


BikeABQ advocates for enhanced infrastructure for bike safety such as: roadway & bike lane designs, new and improved bike trails, laws & enforcement mechanisms to keep dangerous road users in check and active transportation projects for more sustainable, affordable, equitable, accessible, healthy, modernized and fun mobility.


BikeABQ hosts and supports multiple events that bring people and communities together for information-sharing, mutual support, informed decision-making and stronger relationships among cyclists and other bike enthusiasts, other organizations, government officials, researchers, local communities and businesses.


BikeABQ is growing our partnerships with local event hosts & sponsors, bike-friendly businesses & business alliances, national foundations & lobbying organizations for mutually beneficial experiences and strength in numbers.

We also have several new talented, energized and well-connected board members, many new bike advocates, collaborators & event volunteers!

In the last year, we have brought on several new highly-engaged board members and enlisted many other community advocates who’ve been collaborating with us in many of our efforts – and we with theirs. Strength in numbers matters! Organizationally, we’ve formed a set of action-driven committees/working groups for members and non-members alike to participate as it relates to advocacy, events, membership, communications and our organizational finances. We’d love to work with you too!

We not only rebuilt our website, we also rebuilt our entire technology platform!

Our new integrated platform now enables better internal and external communications and collaboration as well as our membership management, point-of-sale and financial and transactions management. It’s the bomb!

We’re advocating locally, regionally and for all of New Mexico!

We have advocated at the local and state-level for dozens of bike, traffic safety, infrastructure development plans, trail maintenance and improvement projects, new legislative bills, speed enforcement programs, surveys and impact studies and more.

We’re supporting our bike community and events!

We have also provided support, promotion, bike valet, tax exempt status and liability insurance for another few dozen events including Balloon Fiesta, Day of the Tread, Bike-to-Wherever & BikeThruBurque weeks, Kidical Mass, CiQlovia, NM State Fair and much more. We also distributed thousands of 2022 Bike Maps to local businesses and organizations to share with their customers and constituents.

I’m thrilled to be back in SmallBuquerque, but my personal goal is to help make this town even better!

I’m so thrilled with what BikeABQ has accomplished this past year and I’m tremendously optimistic for the year to come thanks to all the wonderful people who have joined us in these efforts! I returned to Albuquerque during the pandemic after a 25yr academic career mostly in LA. Not long ago, it was true that “no one walks in LA” but through the 2010’s, that all changed! People walk, ride, scoot and roll thanks to the ongoing advocacy work of a few focused bike organizations and coalitions. Green bike lanes all over the place. Increasingly there’s barriers now for better protection from motorists. Active transportation is working!

This is Doable! … But we need your help.

But we really, really need your help! Whether it’s writing letters to our government officials, attending advisory meetings, showing up to share your stories and concerns, attending or volunteering at any of our or our partner’s events (they’re fun!) We need your help! You’ll note we also restructured and increased our membership plans. It was clear that BikeABQ and all these efforts listed above would not be sustainable with our decades-long $10/yr membership plans. Like most nonprofit organizations working on your behalf, we do need your help! So please, seriously consider what you can reasonably afford when you renew your membership. And even if you cannot afford any of the monthly payment plans, there’s still a one-time low and flat membership fee that aligns with our previous plans. We still need you in whatever capacity you can muster.

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