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BikeABQ Candidate Survey

Gloria Doherty

House District 18 — Democratic Primary

1. Do you bike in New Mexico? Describe your experience biking for transportation and/or recreation.

I like to casually ride. I use the bike trails along the Bosque most often. It has been quite some time since I got my bicycle out. I need to get it tuned up and look forward to it after the primary. I also rode my bicycle to work when I was at UNMH. I now commute to Sandoval Regional Medical Center and cannot ride there.
My friends and neighbors are avid bike and tandem riders.

2. Describe your vision of a healthy, safe, equitable transportation system for the Greater Albuquerque Region and the roles walking, biking, and public transportation play in that vision.

My neighborhood association works diligently trying to get crosswalks in high-traffic areas. There has been difficulty in getting this done to our satisfaction going across Carlisle Blvd from Summit Park to Altura Park.
The biking roads with speed limits of 18 MPH are lovely but still feel unsafe in some areas.
It would be wonderful if we could improve our public transit, walking conditions and shared biking spaces. I worked in trauma for more than 15 ears and the auto versus bicycle and pedestrians were awful.
Free bus transit for certain routes is wonderful.
Multimodal transportation, including ebikes, byrds.

3. What are the biggest barriers to getting people to choose walking, biking, and public transit instead of personal vehicles for daily trips, and what would you do to address these impediments?

We need better and safer public transit. Back in the day, our bus stops and the areas surrounding them were kept clean.

Our bus routes are limited, our trains limited. They are limited not only in number, but in scheduling. We still have limited access from rural areas of our state to the urban areas.

We need safer streets. I walk daily. I will not walk unaccompanied after sundown. There are areas of the district that do not feel safe walking during the day.

I have heard from members of the community, including those in recovery regarding the free routes persistently going through areas where drugs are easily accessible and causing the desire to use.

To address these impediments there would need to be a multiprong approach working collaboratively with all sectors of the community.
Create jobs:
to help with cleaning all along our bus routes.
to help with security
increase number of routes and schedules
infrastructure for public transportation to grow.

Change the traffic light patterns.
Enforce the 18mph speed limit on biking streets.
Fix sidewalks, keep them clean!
Better and more crosswalk barriers and lights.
Ensure corners have the ability to manage wheelchairs and other assistive devices.

4. New Mexico consistently has the deadliest streets of any state in the US, with approximately 400 people killed by vehicles each year while walking, biking, or driving, and another 12,000 people injured. What should New Mexico, and in particular the New Mexico Department of Transportation, do to improve traffic safety?

Encourage public transport, making it easily accessible and widely available. make it easy to live without a car!
Create a safe-space for biking and walking to decrease the likelihood of accidents.
PSA for traffic violations.
Give judges ability to disallow bail for repeat DUI.
Increase penalties for wreckless driving.
Take Dui's seriously. The trauma I see frequently involves both the pedestrian and driver being under the influence.
Bicyclists and runners have been hit. We are the number one state in pedestrian versus motor vehicle. This is part due to the lack of proper street engineering.
Ensure there are safe barriers on the road to separate driving space from walking/running/biking space.
Early education and prevention to our adolescents. Accidents are Number one killer in young adults.

5. The New Mexico DOT is currently pursuing a pair of projects related to Interstate 25, following the South I-25 Corridor Study that calls for the widening of Interstate 25 in Albuquerque from Sunport to the Big I, to 8 lanes from the current 6. Do you support urban freeway widenings, or how would you prefer NMDOT enhance transportation options in this corridor?

I do not support widening the highway. We spend too much money on our roads that can be used to improve other areas of need, such as open spaces and trails, and investment in multimodal transportation infrastructure. Fix what we must, but don't build new.

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