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Albuquerque’s 23rd Annual Bike Swap

BikeABQ’s yearly fund raiser will be held:

Sale: Saturday, April 29, 2017    10 am – 3 pm

The annual Bike Swap is an event many look forward to for either selling bicycles and related items they no longer need or finding a good deal. The variety of bikes for sale over the years has spanned a wide range of vintages, prices,and types – mountain, road, comfort, commuter, BMX, tandems, recumbant, kids, unicycles – and included a penny farthing (high wheel bike) one year.  Related items include parts, clothing, trailers, and racks.

Sellers should bring their items they wish to sell to Sport Systems on Thursday and Friday.  While Volunteer Appraisers are available to advise about pricing, Sellers ultimately set the prices they want.  The items will be checked-in – tagged and logged – by BikeABQ Volunteers.  Once an item is tagged, the price is non-negotiable.  All items are stored at Sport Systems until Sale Day.

The sale on Saturday is handled by BikeABQ Volunteers and Sport Systems’ staff.  First, early Saturday morning the main area of the Sport Systems’ parking lot is fenced off for the sales area and bike racks and tables are set up.  Then, all of the bikes and parts are brought out and arranged to make finding particular types of items easy.  During the sale, knowledgeable Volunteers and Staff are available to assist shoppers.  Purchases are made at the Sport Systems cash registers.  

The cost to sell items is a $1 charge for each item tagged plus a commission on sold items.  The Seller receives 82% of the sales price on sold items.  BikeABQ keeps an 18% commission and utilizes these funds in its efforts to make Albuquerque a more bicycle friendly city.  The tag charge is collected when items are checked in to the sale. The commission is automatically deducted from the proceeds check for sold items.

Sellers need only return on Saturday between 4pm and 6pm to either pick up the check for sold items or claim their unsold items.  Sellers (or their representative who has the claim tickets) MUST pick up their check for sold items and / or their unsold items on Saturday, April 29 between 4pm and 6pm.  We do not have storage available to hold items.  Any items not picked up are considered donations to BikeABQ.

Donations are definitely welcome and are tax-deductible.

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