Commuting Tips


– Choose a bike that’s safe and comfortable.

– Carry a spare tube, tire levers, pump and a simple bike tool in a saddle bag.  Learn how to change a tire ahead of time.  Take a basic bike maintenance class to learn more.

– Get a pannier to haul your gear.  A backpack will leave you with a sweaty and sore back!

– Do the ABC Quick Check- Air: tire pressure at correct PSI. Brakes: functioning properly. Chain: clean, no kinks and lubed up. Quick release on wheel is closed.

– Clean your bike regularly.  Take it in for a tune up once in a while.



– Wear comfortable clothing. Waterproof and breathable fabrics keep you comfortable and dry.

– Be prepared for rain/snow.  Packing the appropriate jacket is a must.

– Pack the night before you ride. It will be less stressful in the morning.

– Spandex isn’t necessary as long as you keep your pants out of your chain.  Use a leg band.



– Wear a helmet and eye protection. Attach a rear view mirror for added visibility.

– No headphones!

– Wear bright colors and reflective material. You want to be as visible as possible.

– Get a headlight for your helmet or handlebars.  Rear red flashers are also a good idea.

– Be cautious at night when approaching puddles, piles of leaves, etc.

– Know the laws about bike riding and read the traffic code. Follow the laws that the cars do.

– Make eye contact with drivers so they know your intentions.

– Ride as if you are invisible and think ahead.

– Be courteous to drivers to encourage good behavior for motorists.



– Choose your route carefully – even if it means biking an extra mile or two. A longer route may be a more pleasant one.

– Test your route out on the weekends to learn the time it takes to get there.

– Build commuting into your exercise routine.  Take it easy going to work.  Put in the effort on the way home and change your route up.

– Check the weather nightly.

– Don’t be afraid to take the day off and drive or take the bus if it’s too nasty out.


Office Worthy

– Store hygienic necessities at the office – Keep an extra of everything you need to clean up from your commute.  Baby wipes are magic for a quick clean.

– Leave your work shoes at the office and keep a spare set of clothes there too.



Enjoy your ride and have fun!