Messy roads a challenge for cyclists

Posted on Dec 11, 2012

Messy roads a challenge for cyclists, carless

Chris Quintana | The New Mexican
Posted: Monday, December 10, 2012
The weather outside might have been “frightful” Sunday and Monday for motorists, but some carless Santa Feans were still getting around on their bikes — or opting for the bus.

Sean Duffy didn’t have a choice. “I can barely make my rent, let alone pay for a car,” he said.

Duffy said that walking and riding the bus take too long, so he layers on clothing, hops on his mountain bike and fights through the snow. A self-employed carpenter and a volunteer at the alternative transportation advocacy group Chainbreaker Collective, he rode five miles through Sunday’s storm.

Lucky for him, he didn’t have to go anywhere Monday, so he hunkered down. But he said that riding on Tuesday morning would probably be difficult because of the expected cold temperatures and ice patches on the road. But he often relishes a challenging ride. “Once I get home, it was totally worth it,” he said.

Clemente McFarlane, a Chainbreaker member who owns a bike shop, Sirius Cycles, 2801 Rodeo Road, said he also likes biking through extreme weather conditions. “When people see you riding, it adds to the idea of the bike culture growing in Santa Fe,” he said.

McFarlane does own a car, but his wife generally drives it, which means he rides his bike or catches the bus in extreme weather. He added that he just became a new father, which means he’ll take extra precautions. He also said bike riding saves money and benefits the environment.

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